Extreme Vaporizer: No Other Vape Can Be As Good As This

The mechanism of the Extreme IGET Hot Flavours requires hot air which reaches the bag/balloon going through the glass bowl or through the included whip/hose. Temperature adjustment plays a vital role in the vaporizer and it becomes easy because of the LCD screen. To quicken the process, there is a fan with three levels of speed. The whip gives a nice experience of smooth and cool hits because of its length. One can enjoy hits even by using the remote. As far as the balloon is concerned, it is also amazing because one can fill it to take a hit at one’s own comfort. Only after using it one can understand that the Extreme Vaporizer is the real value for money.

Even feature wise the Extreme Vaporizer has no match. Its price is so lucrative that anybody would like to chance at this machine. This vaporizer has a LCD Screen which is marvelous for the exuberance in the display. On this display one can find temperature reading both the set temperature and the actual temperature. There are the timer and fan speed. The most interesting thing is that one can enjoy the optional feature of Celsius and Fahrenheit.

There is no point of dissatisfaction here. The quality of glass which is used is of universal standard. It is borosilicate glass which is used. This glass is known for its toughness. For better vaporization, it is necessary that the heat should be diffused evenly through the herb. And this is perfectly done by the bowl which is ideal for this because of its size. Not to speak of taste! O it becomes amazing because of the ceramic heater.

It is the only vaporizer which comes with a remote control. This makes it more sophisticated and luxurious, as one can sit back leisurely and enjoy the hits of the herb, even sharing with others. Being remote from the vape one can control temperature, fan speed, and timer. It also has 9 preset temperature settings!

The Extreme V-Tower Vaporizer is good enough to fill the balloons very easily sitting back with the whip. Once the balloon is filled, the vapor can be taken in at one’s own ease, sharing with others if one likes. The best thing is that is made of hygienic tube to render better experience. 

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