Sell Your House Online – How to Do it Yourself

The present global economic Sell my house for cash has made it harder for homeowners to sell their homes as quickly as they would like to or need to and doubly more difficult to sell their homes as private owners. There are, however, free or low priced alternatives to selling your home by an agent if you want to sell your home yourself. One of the best ways to get your house in the public eye is to use several of the best online methods to list your house. Posting your house online will instantly allow possibly millions of viewers to see your listing and make it statistically more possible to sell your home quickly by yourself.

Here are a few techniques used by many people to successfully sell their homes online by owner.

1. eBay – eBay is a huge marketplace that allows the typical person to list just about anything online for the world to see. Selling a house on eBay is no different than selling a car, piece of furniture or jewelry. Just set up an account on eBay, take some great pics of your home, upload them to your account, decide on how you will sell your home and activate your listing! Of course, there are several elements to take into consideration before listing, such as whether or not you will sell by auction or fixed price, whether you will offer other options such as offer closing costs paid by owner, and if you will offer any other bonuses to buyers. There is much success in selling on eBay and while it is not free, it is very inexpensive to list and sell a home by owner on ebay. eBay usually charges a small fee for listing and a percentage fee for sales. Sometimes the company offers deals that are special at certain times of the year for sellers, so be on the look out for these specials. If you want a worldwide selling audience, there is no better way to get your house listed fast than through eBay.

2. YouTube – YouTube? Yes, YouTube! If you’ve ever surfed through the YouTube site, you can find various homeowners who have uploaded great video tours of their homes for sale complete with purchase information. There is no charge for using YouTube and you never know who will actually look at your listing, but the more appealing and creative you are in your listing, the better chance you have for receiving interested contacts. If you have a moderately decent quality video cam and common sense, you can produce a fun and informative selling video of your home.

3. Craigslist and other free listing sites – Craigslist is one of the most well known free listing sites available today, but of course there are several others you can use. The online and hard copy listing company, IWANA, also offers limited free listings for anyone. If you want to get your house listed online for free and fast, go to Craigslist, choose a city to list it in and upload as much information including pictures, that you wish. You will be surprised at how many contacts you may receive who are interested in your home simply by using this listing site.

These are just some of the available online sources that allow you to list homes for sale either free or with minimal cost. If you want to sell your house online, be sure to be as creative as possible in your listing, offer minor bonuses that interest buyers and think outside the box!

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