Librow Review – Best Ways to Stimulate Eyebrow Growth

Many frown at eyebrow tattoo that are thick and busy. Others do not care for the thin eyebrow lines. Eyebrows are a very important part of the face and on it depends whether the face looks young or ageing. Eyebrows that are thin scruffy give the appearance of premature aging. To women proper growth of eyebrows are very important.

If the root causes of thin brows are studied, remedial actions can be taken and you can have a decently lush eyebrow hair growth. Some women have the hereditary problem of thinning eyebrows whereas others make their eyebrows thin by repeatedly plucking them too much to get the perfect shape. As a result, hair follicles stop growing and you are stuck with sparse eyebrows. Other causes are prolonged illness or the after effects of certain medicines or chemotherapy or radiation.

Thin eyebrows can be hidden by getting eye-brows tattooed on them but the process is painful and it does look made up. False eyebrows can be glued on to the real ones but they look pretty artificial and the glue may also be too harsh for the real eyebrows and may cause more hair to fall off.

Eye brow growth products take care of these dilemmas and LiBrow is amongst the best. It is not only safe and gentle but extremely effective in stimulating eyebrows hair growth which may have become retarded due to age or misuse. A discernible difference is visible within a few weeks of application of this product.

For growing back good eyebrows, certain eyebrow growth products have been found to be very productive. One of the most effective yet safe products is LiBrow which actually helps the eyebrows growth. New hair growth is stimulated by the regular application of this product and a noticeable difference can be seen within a few weeks.

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