How to Manifest a Miracle in Your Life Now

A a course in miracles mp3 is defined as something not occurring by natural law: A manifestation not equal to the cause. For example, a person is involved in a car wreck that leaves the car completely demolished. The person is able to walk away without a scratch. By all means, it can’t be explained. It’s considered a miracle.

You’re shot five times during an argument with a stranger, once in the back and stomach and three times in the chest, and are able to recover without any noticeable or permanent damage. The plane that you’re flying on has a mechanical failure and crashes into the ground some 250 feet below. You are able to walk away physically unscathed. These are miracles of great proportions and leave many people to wonder if there is something supernatural going on.

A little more subtle but no less spectacular are some everyday miracles that take place in the lives of ordinary people. People who were once addicted to drugs or alcohol suddenly wake up to a new way of life one day, leaving the past behind once and for all without any real reasoning. They just change. What about the 125 pound woman who lifts a car because her child is pinned underneath? Adrenaline or a miracle, you decide.

If a 125 pound woman can lift a mid-size vehicle under duress through shear will, passion, and love, do you think it’s possible that you, too, could manifest a miracle in your own life? Are you seeking romance, love and affection all in the same person? In today’s world, that’s a miracle, right? What about your financial reality? Is a miracle required to get you out of debt and put you in the black? And who wouldn’t want to be healthier? Who doesn’t need a miracle?

Fact is we bring about whatever it is we think about. Miracles to most people are some unexplainable event that just happens irregardless of their own will. Maybe not all miracles are human induced, but a great many of them are and many more could be. Few people understand the connection between mind and matter and the law of attraction. According to the Law of Attraction, we attract energy similar to our own.

Have you ever wondered why you attract the same kind of person over and over again? It’s not that the two people are just alike but your issues surrounding those unique individuals never seem to change. Women who date abusive men will continue to attract men who are either emotionally and or physically abusive, even if there are no signs from the beginning.

Why? Because the thoughts we entertain in our heads become the pictures of our lives. We bring about what we think about whether it’s relational abuse that feeds our already low self esteem and worth, or a life of poverty because that’s all we’ve known and experienced.

If you want to manifest a miracle, or watch front and center how the law of attraction works, you must focus your attention on what it is you want. Write down what you want in details. What you are doing here is making a conscious creation to create from within. Once this is accomplished, you will be spending an ample amount of time throughout your day practicing the art of meditation, imagination, and visualization of what it is you wish to create.

This mind exercise is very important because eventually it will begin to spill over into your emotional state. You will begin to feel that you have already accomplished what it is you want. You will feel your intuitive voice speak. This is the place of passion, where the thought and feeling merge to create even something greater. This must be a feel good place in order to operate properly. This is what you call a miracle, why that woman can lift that car or how a junkie can leave the streets.

This miracle, this end result is brought about through faith. With an unwavering belief that what will be will be, because it can only be by nature of the law of attraction, you have only to trust in the end result and not be moved or discouraged by all else in between. This faith is the rock supporting the will and passion and it is Love that makes any of this even possible.

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