How to Find Affiliate Products for Sale

You have just finish setting up your squeeze page in the previous buy jeeter cartridges online, did you? Hopefully, you did just that. If not, please go back and figure that out because, on a serious note, this business begins from there!

The next question that you may ask is, what am I going to sell to those names and emails on my list? You have just sent them the gift they signed for, yes, but that is no business. Your work is to sell some digital products to them and make profits.

It is only when you can do this successfully and, and do that repeatedly, that you can call yourself a successful Internet Marketer, and that you will also be able to sustain your new business…

Think for a while, you will remember, I talked about choosing your niche market and market research for marketable keywords in the previous courses – hope you can recall all of that (chapters 1, 2 and 3). One of the main tool that will make your business highly profitable is your KEYWORDS.

You will need them not only for the niche selection, market research, but also for selecting the products that you intends to sell profitably.

There are two ways to acquire the products that you intends to sell online, number one, is to get them from fellow marketers ( Merchants) while the second option, is to create the product by yourself. Both ways have their peculiar advantages as well as disadvantages.

Remember that our main focus now is on digital products. I will find time in a later chapter to talk briefly on how to sell Physical Products on the Internet.

One of the easiest ways to get Affiliate Products to start your Online Business is by approaching any of the Affiliate marketing programs and networks of your choice. Popular among them are ClickBank, Paydotcom, ShareASale, and Commission Junction.

ClickBank seems to be the indisputable flag bearer in this industry, so I will be referring to this company more often. You can also browse for AFFILIATE NETWORKS to see others.

When reading about Affiliate marketing, you will notice four terms that are used regularly. They are: Affiliates Networks, Affiliate Programs, Affiliate Merchants and Affiliates. These terms need some clarification to avoid confusion.

Affiliate Networks are conglomerations of Affiliate Programs e.g. Peerfly. They do the same work as Affiliate Programs, but with more options in terms of more products and more leverages as many Affiliate Programs come together to create bigger business opportunity and greater coverage.

Affiliate Programs are consortiums of Affiliate Merchants e.g. ClickBank. They specialize in marketing, providing payment processor and customer service, etc.

Affiliate Merchants are individual product owners – of course in the global (even national) business arena, the rules have it that individuals should conduct their businesses using a Business Name or better still, their Private Companies.

Affiliate Merchants, main focus is product creation for the market. They do market research to know where gap or need exists, and create product to fill up the gap, to fulfill that need.

Affiliates are the Marketers who signup with Affiliate Programs or Affiliate Networks to market products owned by Affiliate Merchants. They specialize in Online Marketing of Digital and other products.

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