Get In The Ring With Fight Night Round 3 Xbox 360

Fight Night Round 3 Xbox 360 continues the tradition of challenging and fun boxing that began with the original Fight Night. Being the only แทงมวยออนไลน์ game around hasn’t made the developers slack off. Fight Night Round 3 is precise, intuitive, and full of improvements.

Players who get in the ring for Round 3 will find that once you get used to the controls which are different from what you are used to, you will never want to go back to just button pushing. A basic description of the controls, which may take a little practice, is that the left analog stick controls the boxer and the right stick is used to throw punches. Tapping in the direction of the hand you wish to use is how you jab, and rotating the stick a quarter turn toward the opponent gives you hooks, and half turns let you throw an uppercut. That’s the basics.

Fight Night Round 3 has training and mini games, trainers to teach specific specialties to improve your fight, and other additional features that make Fight Night Round 3 a bit more interactive than simply throwing and taking punches.

Fight Night Round 3 Xbox 360 has online player mode, career mode, play now and a brand new ESPN classic mode. In the play now mode gamers get to choose their fighter, opponent and venue for quick matches. Career mode has been completely revamped and allows players to create a new boxer or rebuild a legend. Online player mode features stat tracking, leader boards and match options with Xbox 360 Live. The brand new ESPN classic mode lets players relive some of the biggest bouts in boxing including classic rivalries between Ali, Frazier, Robinson and Lamotta.

While Fight Night Round 3 Xbox 360 is following the previous versions and has improved, the quality and details included in Round 3 are about the same as in the previous games. Which isn’t a bad thing, because all of the Fight Night games feature realistic player models, detailed wounds with blood and bruising and big boxing names. With venues that range from Madison Square Garden to a hole in the wall training gym players will have plenty of variety and room to grow. The Round 3 version of Fight Night Xbox 360 beings back the dramatic replay so that gamers can watch their matches to find out what they did wrong or to gloat over their wins.

The realism of the audio will put you squarely in the ring when you play Fight Night Round 3. Sickening crunches, snapping tendons, thick wet spit and blood, grunts and moans are authentic and accurate. The Fight Night series doesn’t pull any punches with Round 3 Xbox 360 and players will enjoy the tight game play, realistic effects and venues even though there are no real surprises.

The Xbox 360 Fight Night Round 3 download may cost a bit more, because of the upgraded hi-def visuals. Players will find a great boxing game, whether they are playing alone or venturing online for a multiplayer challenge. Sometimes change is not needed in order to have a successful game series, this is proven with the Fight Night Series, as players return to the ring for Round 3.

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