Four Steps In Maintaining Your Garage Doors

It is important to perform maintenance for the things you have purchased. Performing regular maintenance for your garage garage door spring replacement will benefit you in two ways. First, you don’t need to spend money for the garage service. Regular maintenance will keep your doors always in a good condition and you don’t need professional help to prevent damages. Second, proper maintenance will help you extend your garage door’s life. Below are the steps to maintain your garage doors:

1. Purchase oil-based lubricant to maintain the inside part of the track. When performing this step, your door should be in closed position. Spray the lubricants to the inside track carefully especially to the curve part of it. Then, spray to the roller of the doors, exactly on the area where the stem meets the roller. You can also check rollers and hinges, in case there are damaged you need to fix it immediately. If you find that your roller or the bottom of the hinge needs replacement, it is recommended to call a professional door service. It is because these parts are the center of the tension to lift the door. Try to replace these parts by yourself will only cause further damages.

2. The next step to do is inspecting your hinges and fasteners. Check if the nuts and bolts are tightened. These parts are essential and if they are loose, they can ruin the door operation. Lag bolts should also be tightened since they have the task of connecting the track to the wall. Replace them when they have reached their lifespan.

3. If your spring is located on a shaft over the header of the door, then spray the lubricant carefully across the spring length. Make sure that you don’t spray the lubricant to the cables.

4. If your spring is located on the side, open your garage door before inspecting the spring assembly. Then, check the safety cable that runs through the spring. The cable is usually located on the back of the track to the front wall. If you can’t find this cable, then it is a good idea to call a professional door service. They can add the safety feature so that your spring won’t fly all over the place.

Maintaining your garage doors is actually very simple. As long as you know the vital parts of the doors, it would be very easy to perform regular checking. You only need to spray the lubricant gently and ensure that all parts are in a good condition. As the result, you will find out that your door will last for years without any serious damages.

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