Feel Every Moment As a Miracle

Many people learn about the law of attraction, get excited about the possibilities, and after a few weeks get discouraged and give up. What happened? What went wrong? Isn’t the law of attraction guaranteed to get results? It is, but for most of these people the problem is that they haven’t learned to feel every moment as a acim.

When you learn to experience life as a series of miraculous events, you’ll begin to see greater success with the law of attraction. Why? For one, gratitude is essential to getting the results you want. Your thanks can be directed at God, the universe, nature, or whatever force you believe is all around us – it doesn’t matter who you address, it matters that you are becoming a fountain of gratitude.

From a fountain of gratitude flows positive thoughts, and positive thoughts are the key to manifesting wealth, love, and happiness. What if you don’t feel like you’ve got very much to be grateful for? Try this simple exercise. Every morning when you get out of bed, think of three things to be grateful for. At first, you may actually struggle to find three things! But don’t worry. When you start to pay attention to the blessings in your life, you’ll be surprised at what you see.

Start with the basics – your family, your friends, your home, your health, your job. They can even be small things – a day with beautiful weather or waking up to your favorite song on your clock radio alarm. Gradually increase the number of things you are thankful for to five, then ten. Soon you will find that it’s hard to get yourself to stop expressing gratitude every morning and start getting ready for your day!

Throughout your day, take a moment to truly feel your gratitude. When you see a flower growing in a sidewalk crack or a friend stops by to say hello when you really needed a pick-me-up, pause to express your gratitude for this beautiful world we live in. When you resolve to see the everyday miracles around you, you will realize that you are constantly experiencing a miracle almost every moment you’re alive.

People have a tendency to dismiss life’s little miracles as luck or coincidence. Have you been manifesting wealth and received a small promotion or raise at work? Or a new business opportunity? Or discovered a new way to shop that saves you money? Those little miracles are steps toward your goal of creating wealth. So why ignore them? Be grateful for this progress, and with this positive attitude you can patiently hold out your hands to receive more.

When you become a fountain of gratitude, you can live life as it’s meant to be: a constant series of gifts from the universe. Every moment you are receiving the results of your manifesting, so sit up and take notice! It starts with gratitude and awareness, and you won’t believe where your journey will end.

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