Eco Friendly, Environmental and Sustainable Hardwood Floors

If you imagine that the half of the rain forest is cut Stained Concrete College Station you will admit that there has to be a better way we construct our houses. There is a lot of choices but first thing coming to mind is the cost. Believe it or not you can get a sustainable hardwood floor such as bamboo that is less expensive than any other hardwood floor on the market. There are companies producing bamboo floor in Hawaii and China and other Asian countries. Bamboo is actually a grass and grows extremely fast it can grow one meter per day. The process of making a floor board is a little bit longer then just cutting a regular three so you would think the cost will be higher as well. This is not true bamboo is very inexpensive floor.

You can call up a local hardwood floor contractor if you have questions or visit hardwood floor showroom to see how the floors look. Bamboo is hollow inside so the first companies that have started to produce bamboo flooring in Hawaii and China have cut the small strips and glued it together so it became a wide solid piece. First and most popular bamboo floors were just natural and carbonized, vertical and horizontal. Natural had a light color much like maple. Carbonized bamboo is the same product just exposed to a high temperature, this made the wood darker. Those were the first options since the staining of bamboo was very hard to do. Nowadays there is a wide range of bamboo flooring. You can choose from stained bamboo this will give you an option of different colors, you can choose from wide and narrow boards, you can find bamboo floor that can be installed over the concrete sub floor, wooden sub floor and even flooring heating system. You can find hand scraped bamboo flooring. The newest product is strand bamboo, which is extremely hard, it has a nice contemporary look it is very compact and this makes it very hard, it is widely used in the commercial flooring and can take very high traffic.

The two big sources China and Hawaii remain the leaders in producing the environmental hardwood floor that is very easy to install, the floor boards are very often the same dimensions, as domestic oak floor or maple so your contractor can use exactly the same tools he uses for domestic flooring. Bamboo floor can be refinished, this a big plus, most bamboo floors are sold prefinished so you don’t have to deal with dust the first time you install it. If you looking for an unfinished floor, there are companies offering unfinished bamboo floors, I am sure your local hardwood floor contractor can help you with finding right bamboo floor. Just make sure you call licensed contractor so you will get the professional service.

Cork floor is another option if you looking for an eco friendly flooring product. Cork flooring is widely used in the kitchens, it is usually floating so it can be installed over any kind of sub floors, if comes in different colors, designs and patterns.

You can find a company that recycles old wood, demolishing old barns or just finds the old flooring on the construction sites, this is one of the most sustainable methods it is like using the same metal spoon over and over again without producing more plastic. Hardwood floors companies like this collect wood from the job sites and prepare it for the next installation. This is most of the time unfinished old floor that has to be installed by professional and skilled wood worker, sanded and finished, you have an option of staining the wood to any color you want. Make sure you are hiring skilled flooring contractor, if you are woodworker and would like to do it yourself make a research before making a final decision. This might be very fulfilling and satisfying project.

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