Does a Home Security System Increase Property Value?

There is little research to suggest that a basic home home security system quotes system will increase your property’s value, but installing a smart home security system may. “Having an alarm system with a sensor network and the ability to add smart home devices would be attractive to potential buyers, which is why many homebuilders are adding these types of systems as a base feature of new homes,” Rothman says. According to a 2018 survey by Coldwell Banker, about 75% of buyers it spoke with said they wanted smart thermostats and smart smoke alarms in a new home, 66% said they would look for preinstalled smart security cameras, and 63% were interested in smart door locks.

What Can a Home Security System Do Besides Prevent Burglary?

Originally, the sole purpose of a home security system was to protect your property, which meant you hoped you would never have to use it. This could make it hard to justify the expense. However, increasing interest in smart/connected homes has given home security systems a boost in capability. “Up until a few years ago, security sensors simply triggered an alarm, but now those sensors tie into other things,” Klein says. “For example, your security system can now tie into your smart lighting.” Using your smart security system to run your smart home can bring significant advantages. “The key selling point for home security providers is that they can provide just about all of this smart home control and technology from a single interface and/or app, instead of consumers being forced to run multiple apps to control all these different systems,” Rothman says.

Increasing interest in smart/connected homes has given home security systems a boost in capability.

An integrated smart home security system can do useful things like disarm your alarm system and turn the lights on when you enter your code into a connected door lock, or lock all your doors, turn your lights off and lower your thermostat temperature at night when you arm the system. Of course, to do this you’ll need to invest in smart locks, lights, and thermostats in addition to security sensors. For a deeper look at how the smart home can work with your security system, see Home Security and Home Automation.

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