Church Candles – 5 Times When We Use Them at Church

When you purchase jesus a gospel of love candles for your services, there are many components that most people miss. Candles have been used in services for thousands of years, and they are still popular in services today. Before the days of electricity, they played an important role in providing light in church buildings. Church candles are designed for different occasions, so you’ll want to make sure you purchase the appropriate materials for the appropriate occasions. The Catholic Church and other denominations have specific rules regarding the materials that must be used when producing them.

Here are five occasions when you would use church candles during church services.

1. Candlelight Services
Candlelight services are among the most popular services held in church services. Some candlelight services are held around Christmas Eve, and the New Year’s Eve service is growing in popularity around the country. Many people can’t remember the sermons preached by the pastor the last few weeks, but they will remember the candlelight service held on Christmas Eve. One of the leading manufacturers of church candles is Emkay Candle Company. many of the Emkay products are specifically designed for churches.

2. Weddings
Altar candles are an essential part of most wedding ceremonies. In many weddings, the new couple will light a unity candle at the altar to symbolize the beginning of their lives together. They are often placed along the aisles of the church, and they are often used for candlelight services during evening wedding services. They are an important aspect of church candles in churches.

3. Catholic Mass
These are a huge part of the Catholic church. Many Catholic churches have candles burning in the sanctuary at all hours of the day, and they all have specific symbolic meanings. In the Catholic church, the liturgical candle has to be manufactured with at least 51% beeswax. There are many complex rules regarding their lighting within the Catholic church, but they usually symbolize the light of God. They can also symbolize people offering themselves to God. Votive candles in the Catholic church symbolize individual Catholics trying to be more like Jesus. Paschal candles symbolize the Light of Christ.

4. Advent Candles
Perhaps the most famous use in churches is during the Christmas services is during the holiday season. Candlelight services are very popular in Christmas Eve services. Most churches will display advent candles in the four weeks leading up to Christmas. There are five advent candles, and one additional candle is lit each Sunday in the four advent Sundays leading up to Christmas. The fifth one is lit on Christmas Eve.

5. Memorial Services
Church candles are also popular during Memorial services. They are often situated near the coffin to symbolize the baptismal vows the deceased made during their life.

These are just some of the occasions where church candles are used in regular services. Baptismal services for infants often include lighting. When members of a church are excommunicated, candles are extinguished to symbolize the member that has left the body. Easter services often include church candles too.

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