Age Verification Systems Keep Businesses Secure

An ID scanner is an efficient 먹튀검증업체 which helps businesses selling products which are age-restricted (such as alcohol and tobacco) to be sure that they do not inadvertently break any local, state or federal laws.

Age verification is an essential part of the job for a convenience store or bar, and if an employee sells cigarettes or alcohol to someone who is under age, the owners of the establishment will be penalized. If the underage purchasers of alcohol have a car accident (even if they were not driving in an impaired state) the penalties could be even more severe. This is the case even if a clerk did ask for ID, and was fooled by one that was forged.

Many businesses are required to check the age of their patrons. Any business that sells cigarettes or alcohol (retailers), nightclubs and casinos which have liquor on offer to patrons must also check IDs, as must restaurants with liquor licenses and now, marijuana dispensaries.

In the 1980s, the legal age to drink was raised from 18 to 21 and college students who wanted to drink began making cut-and-paste fake IDs. These IDs were easy to spot and most bartenders and purveyors of alcohol refused to serve them.

With the improvement and easy access to printing technology during the 1990s, it became easier than ever for teenagers to acquire fake IDs, and the IDs themselves were of such high quality that it was easy for bartenders, liquor and grocery store clerks to be taken in.

According to the Marquette Law Review, by the year 2000 there were over 10,000 websites offering fake IDs that would look exactly like the real thing. In 2014 that number has risen exponentially.

Since 2005, clerks and bartenders have made use of an ID scanner for age verification. An ID scanner checks the magnetic strip which is on the back of all IDs to see if they are valid. Until recently the cost of an ID scanner has been prohibitive but as technology improves, price goes down, depending on what model the business decides to invest in.

Those businesses that skimp and place the responsibility for age verification solely on busy and sometimes overworked clerks to be able to calculate ages based on the tiny print of driver’s licenses or state IDs (or things that look like driver’s licenses or state IDs) are risking fines or even harsher penalties.

The latest ID scanners do much more than just verify that an ID is a valid one. If an ID scanner is used at a club, for example, on all patrons, it can identify any patrons who have been banned for reasons other than age – persistent rowdy behavior, for example.

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