5 Important Reasons Why You Should Be An Active Christian

Are you actively engaged as a who is jesus? Christianity does not end with salvation; rather it’s a journey, which continues till you go to meet with the Lord. So, while you’re alive on earth you must be an active Christian. This post gives you 5 important reasons why you should be an active Christian.

Many Christians are not active in the kingdom of God. Truly, they have received Christ as their Lord and Saviour, and that’s all. As such, they’re not vessels of honour in the house of God and are not available for God to use them. Rather, they’re the people you consider as bench warmers in the church. These come to church to feed only and go home, without making any impact or contribution to another person’s life. Yet, God says that we should occupy till He comes.

This is to actively occupy yourself serving God, in full capacity as endowed on you by the Lord. This means representing the Father anywhere you find yourself, in words and action. Also, it’s to be the Master’s hand and legs on earth, ready to do whatever or go wherever He tells you. Again, it’s to be His agent winning souls into the kingdom. And you’re to do these not as convenient but as needed or demanded. As such active Christianity is to occupy yourself with God’s business till He comes or calls you home.

God is running a time-limited business of soul-winning on earth and He has recruited every believer into this business. And all you need to qualify is to receive Jesus Christ as your Saviour. And as a business, He expects profits in form of multiples of saved souls. So, any Christian that is not profitable is in danger of being thrown into the outer darkness

You can be saved and do nothing in the kingdom of God. And just believing in God does not make you any different from unbelievers. For they also believe in God; even the devil believes too and trembles. So, what differentiates us Christians from unbelievers is our faith with works. As such, you prove that you have faith in God by being an active Christian; otherwise, your faith is dead.

Christ commanded that we seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness. And this is to serve the Lord and the interest of His kingdom. So you are expected to make serving God your number one priority in life. And He did promise that every other thing will add up to you as you do so. Therefore, make being an active Christian of paramount importance in your life.

Jesus Christ chose you and appointed you to go and bear fruits that will abide. That you may receive whatever you ask the Father in Christ’s name. And you can only bear fruits and then cause them to abide if you’re active. This is because it entails sharing the gospel of Jesus with people, and following them up till they’re strong in Christ. So, if you want to bear fruits that will abide you must grow into an active Christian

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