The 5 Best Ways to Cash in on Gold

One of the best performing assets in the last couple of years is τιμη χρυσου σημερα το γραμμαριο, and that’s no coincidence. The precious metal is seen by many as the ultimate store of wealth. For thousands of years, gold has been recognized as a store of wealth that transcends governments and civilizations.

This article will look at how we can go about trading gold and the different ways in which you can do so.

There are a number of ways to trade gold, each with advantages and disadvantages over other areas.

IGindex is the market leader in spread betting, but not many people are aware that the “G” in IG stands for gold. IG Index started life as a means of helping everyday traders trade gold.

You can trade the daily “spot” price of gold or the near quarter futures. For any trades you hope to hold for two weeks or more, the near quarter future price is probably the best due to the overnight rolling fees on the spot market.

Trading gold directly on the futures market is another popular option with large traders with similar mechanisms to spread betting. The advantage over spread betting is the wafer-thin spreads, but the downside is the large cost of entry.

Fixed odds trading allows you to take a simple bet on gold along the same lines as a sports bet. Similar to sports betting, your bet will either win or lose with you maximum reward and your maximum risk known from the outset. The main fixed odds betting broker is, though no doubt IG index offer some fixed odds or “binary” bets.

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