Steel Carriage Garage Doors Out-Perform Wooden Garage Doors

A well designed set of polished Concrete okc doors will do a great job of accenting any home and improve its equity. Large door sizes should be considered when designing your home. In many cases a home with 3 slightly over size garage doors will be more attractive than using standard double garage doors. In recent years the carriage door design has become very popular. In terms of garage doors pricing custom wooden doors that use the carriage design are expensive where as steel carriage garage doors often are more reasonably priced.

One of the drawbacks to a wooden doors besides there price comes from the increased maintenance that is required to keep them looking great. Granted you do want the weather look for your door but if you do not keep it sealed it will crack and warp. Wood garage doors are very pleasing to eye if they are maintained properly. In general wood is a good insulator but cannot match the insulation efficiency of foam insulation. Another drawback to a wood door is the lack of strength and security that galvanized steel carriage garage doors can provide.

Steel carriage garage doors have many advantages over wood doors. The first is strength. Metal garage doors that is constructed of multiple 25 gauge or heavier steel layers will provide the durability and strength to keep the weather out. If you live in areas that have very cold winters or you choose to heat or cool your garage you should consider a door with a high R-value. Sandwiching polyurethane foam between two or more sheets of galvanized steel will give you an R-value of 15 or more. This will not only save you money but also allow the use of your garage year around.

An additional feature of steel doors comes from the fact you can have a wood façade exterior. Many manufactures produce steel carriage garage doors that closely mimic the look of genuine wooden carriage doors. A layer of Cedar, Redwood or Hemlock plywood veneer is placed on the exterior of the door giving it all the look of a wood door. However you will still be saddled with the higher maintenance cost and effort of standard wood doors.

Another option to consider if selecting steel carriage garage doors is to have either an embossed metal finish that emulates real wood texture. This option will give you all the strength of metal doors but also the look of real wood. Some manufacture also offer steel carriage garage doors designs that feature a composite exterior that does a great job of looking like wood.

We feel that steel garage doors are a much better choice. A galvanized steel door will be stronger, more energy efficient, more durable and require less maintenance than a wood door. After you have browsed the web visit your local home improvement store and check out all the steel carriage garage doors design options that are available. Remember to purchase the best garage door you can afford. When it comes to garage doors purchasing a cheap product is penny wise and pound foolish.

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