How to Protect Your Lips and Have Perfect, Soft, Kissable Lips

Thin lip tattooing perthUse a liner to add an extra curve to your natural line. To create fullness wear light to medium toned lipsticks. To make the lips look larger use gloss. Always avoid wearing bright reds or very dark colors.

Full lips: Lucky girl! Paint on a bold shade of lipstick. Guess what? Some women want to play down their full lips. If that is you, skip the liner and wear pale shades and avoid gloss! Matt lipstick is a better choice. To draw attention away from your lips, add a hint of color and play up your eyes!

Uneven lips: This means that one lip is thin and the other is full. It can be the top one or bottom. For better balance, outline the edge of the bottom lip. Use lighter shades of lipstick on top and slightly darker shades of the same color on the bottom. Then put the lips together to blend in color. If the bottom lip is thinner than reverse the color combination.

Wide lips: Never use liner! To draw attention away place color on center part of the lip and fade the color outwards. To create a pout look dab on silver gloss to middle of lower lip, on top of lipstick color. It draws attention to the middle of the lips and makes them look less wide.

Small lips: Never use strong and bold color on small lips! It’s better to use medium toned lipstick. It’s good to try shiny, glossy, or shear tints and brighter colors. If you want to draw attention to your lips, after applying your lipstick use a liner and draw on the outer corners of the mouth. To create the illusion of bigger lips use a darker lipstick on the outer and blend the colors with finger tips or lip brush.

These tips are very important to maintain the look of your lips and make them soft and kissable all year long. Winter time is the hardest season on your lips. My advice is to always condition, condition, condition!! Shelley Roberts has been a professional hair dresser and personal care consultant for over 20 years. She currently consults with clients on personal care products to make one’s life better.

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