Get Hands-On Experience With the New Microsoft Office 2013

Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise is the latest office productivity suite from Microsoft and a successor to Office 2010, which will be available with the Windows 8 operating system. This version has evolved with numerous improvements over earlier versions of the Microsoft Office package. It offers a Metro-UI, the default interface on Windows Phone 8 and the Windows 8 operating system. Office 2013 is also called Office 15 where ’15’ denotes the version number and not the year of release.

Unlike previous versions, Office 2013 introduces many significant changes. The Metro interface not only gives you a touch-centric user experience but also provides improved communication with external software applications. The suite offers seamless integration with Cloud technology, which helps you store your personal data on the Cloud for easy access and safe retrieval.

Software applications within the Office suite have undergone some major improvements. The new Outlook has improved scheduled task and calendars. PowerPoint has added new templates and effects for easy and more effective presentations. New Excel has added many added attributes like Roman to Arabic number conversion, advanced data filters, etc. Word has improved capabilities like online audio and video insertion, support for PDF editing, ODF read and writes, and many more.

Windows 8 Support

Windows 8, the latest OS from Microsoft (set to be launched October this year), supports this version of Office. While the suite is also compatible with Windows 7, users can get a pleasing touch experience with this product running on a Windows 8 tablet or touch-screen computer.

Metro Interface

Office 2013 presents a UI that’s beautiful, cleaner and less cluttered, much more as a Metro based application than the desktop version. It features a full-screen mode, and is very different from traditional applications.


Microsoft integrates cloud storage facility with the latest release -Office 2013. This is made possible with their online storage and sharing service called SkyDrive. When a user saves his/her files, it automatically gets stored on the cloud and can be synced with another computer using the online SkyDrive account. It has the capability to sync with system files, but file location can be changed. Synced data files can be fetched from any device you want, a PC, a Tablet or a Smartphone.

Resumed Reading

Office 2013 bundles a host of applications, among which Word and PowerPoint are most popular. When you re-open any Word or PowerPoint file, you can retrieve the last state you left the application in, before shutting. This is because Office 2013 automatically bookmarks the most recent state of major applications and lets you access the same anytime later.

Online Account integration

This software application harnesses the power of the Cloud for easy online activities, offering to save all concerned documents on an online storage media. The popular SkyDrive, on which Office 2013 documents are stored directly, is an online storage service. Users can associate their Microsoft account with SkyDrive to get access to their files anywhere and anytime.

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The Ribbon

Ribbon includes a group of toolbars organized in a pretty way and design. In accordance with the minimalistic Metro look, the ribbon is present but hidden by default, for a clean look and feel. It offers a lot of tools and options, in a tabbed format, to facilitate your work. Options are displayed when a specific object type is selected.

Touch Mode

Office 2013 is touch-enabled, which has made it possible to increase the size of onscreen icons and help users access menu icons using touch feature; in integration with Windows 8.


With the coming of Office 2013, lots of new security features are expected. Due to the employment of cloud technology, storage goes online from within the suite. Users have options to create a new profile using their Microsoft Account: you first sign in to the account, complete your work, and save files on the cloud, to access them anytime later. Upon completing authentication, users get access to online storage device from any device with SkyDrive on it. This also employs digital signature that provides additional security to your data.

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