Dubai Miracle Garden – A Mosaic of Motley Flowers

Dubai’s one of a kind botanical garden opened its arms to embrace the visitors in February 2013. Millions of vibrant flowers garland a massive stretch of land measuring 72 thousand square meters that was once a barren desert. This place is indeed the most pleasurable sight to get absorbed in if you are flying down to know Dubai inside out. The Guinness honoured the a course in miracles Garden by calling it the largest Vertical Garden in the world.

The cold days of Dubai await to mesmerise you with numerous fascinations and this Miracle Garden tops the list of top most favourite must-visit locations. It is closed during the summer season because it’s so hot out there and you can hardly wander around the place under the sweltering sun. It’s the winter season that’s ideal for moving outdoors in Dubai. Choosing to visit the garden after dusk is appreciable. The lighting inside throws a sparkling effect when you go on a photo shoot spree.

These flowers beautifully wrap the differently structured monuments and statues that give a feel of museum rather than a plain garden you can find in many countries. This largest flower garden that has tons of flowers cover objects in the shape of hearts, birds, faces, cars, and replicas of skyscrapers etc.

They keep adding more and more features to the garden. You’ll find the Butterfly Garden just close by, is opened all-round the year unlike the Miracle Garden which remains closed during the summer season, designed in 3D format which is shaped as a round ball covered by a lot of colourful flowers. This butterfly sanctuary is an abode to more than 15,000 butterflies coming from 26 different species. You can’t find one such huge indoor butterfly garden other than in Dubai, which is also the largest in the world. That’s not all to it. The number of flowers get added every year, amounting to more than 100 million flowers to date.

There are many rules and regulations that must be followed once you are in. For instance, flower picking is prohibited, you can’t bring your pets with you, bringing food with you isn’t appropriate, you can’t seat yourselves wherever you wish to other than the allocated areas for relaxing, and a few other guidelines that you are supposed to be obedient to. Since the place is very safety conscious, you are expected to be supportive of the laid out instructions. Worry about food? Oh, that’s no an issue at all. There are plenty of kiosks where you can buy foods like ice creams, biscuits, kebab etc.., to make your trip convenient and wholesome.

Miracle Garden can be considered as one of the most recommended places for selfie fanatics, for it offers variety of gorgeous backgrounds that promisingly give your pictures a perfect look. Don’t mess around just by taking pics, rather you can get to know the types of flowers that you might have never seen in your lives and make the most out of the visit. Never miss any rare opportunities that come along your way!

The Miracle Garden is located in Al Barsha 3, Dubailand. Opening hours on weekdays are from 9am to 9pm and on weekends from 9am to 11pm. The entrance ticket would cost you 40 AED. Children under 3 years old and the disabled are not charged of any fee. You can get the tickets only from the Miracle Garden ticket counter. Getting from elsewhere will not be accepted.

You can easily arrive at Dubai Miracle Garden either by bus or metro. Opting the cheapest mode of transportation is vital when you are addicted to sightseeing in Dubai. Hiring a taxi is a good choice, but still we ask you to think twice. We definitely won’t suggest that you go for a rent-a-car because that’s nothing easy-peasy when it comes to driving in Dubai. Getting on to the bus that departs from the Mall of Emirates Metro Station is the quickest and cheapest mode to reach the garden within minutes.

While you wait for the upcoming season to join the millions, keep on following our updates on Dubai attractions and entertainments that we are eagerly up to cover.
Have a splendid evening strolling along to listen to the sweetest whispering of flowers!

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