Buy Full Sea View Villas in Istanbul

Some places of the world are 제주바다뷰숙소 blessed with unparalleled beauty which is nowhere to be found in the world. True, some are created thanks to the grace of God; however, some are simply created by the occupants of the land thanks to their creative sphere of mind.

Istanbul is one such place which falls into this list where the residents of the land have simply adopted the entire place as their home and made this place into one of the wonders when it comes to visual spectre. And thanks to this, Istanbul is fast becoming one of the connoisseurs in the real estate market where investors as well as common people are lining up to buy accommodations in Istanbul. And those who can afford it, thanks to the beauty of the place are investing in villas available for sale in Istanbul.

Two markets are picking up in Turkey, thanks to Istanbul-Tourism and Real estate. People come to Istanbul, explore the place, the culture, the architecture, the raw beauty, fall in love with it and decide to stay there for life. And these tourists, due to their taste for culture, more profoundly look at buying the available villas for sale in Istanbul.

One more reason why people are considering Istanbul as a favoured destination for homestay is that this place has completely left the world in awe. The property market over here is one of the most stable ones and it has given a great return on investment. And hence more and more people are looking at investing in villas. For a residence in Istanbul, one might find luxurious houses at any time of the year.

When it comes to the price or the cost of the villas in Istanbul for saleone cannot define a particular range as such. The prices vary depending on the market and the demand. The prices also depend on other factors like the area, the carpet size of the villas, how well connected it is to most facilities, its distance from prominent locations of Istanbul, the neighborhood, etc. In some cases, the price of the villa might be much more than an ordinary apartment thanks to these external factors.

Some of the places where one can buy affordable villas are Beylikduzu and surrounding places, where the small villas start from $124 per square foot to $130 per square foot and goes all the way to $ 460 per square foot. And since these villas are in a complex, the facilities on offer are unparalleled to anything. Most of the villas will offer twenty four Hour Safety, massage room, Turkish bath, room service, Gym & lavish spa center, outdoor swimming pool, meeting rooms, house-keeping, Car Parking and many more facilities.

Kurt OZ is an author of Q Real Estate Center, provides consultancy for your Istanbul real estate for sale needs. If you are looking to buy a property in Istanbul (apartments, residences, villas, lands), our professional team will be glad to help you.

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